Finding and attracting the right people is both an art and a science. These days in the St. Louis market, it is also a highly competitive and time-consuming numbers game.

Finding first-rate, skilled labor has always been a challenge. As the local demand for skilled manufacturing personnel grows, it is getting harder and harder for businesses to find suitable candidates. What is important, can quickly become urgent and have a severe impact on production.


The best way to ensure your processes, production schedules and equipment run smoothly is to hire proven industrial and manufacturing professionals. You need people with the right qualifications, skills and industry experience. Concero Industrial Group, a division of Concero Technology Group, was built from the ground up to connect businesses with industrial and engineering professionals.

Whether you are an engineering firm, manufacturer, distributor, fabrication facility or a panel shop, we won’t stop searching until we find the people you need to keep the work flowing. We exist so you can focus on keeping the plant running while we do what we are good at – delivering the best job candidates.

  • A knowledgeable recruitment team with more than two decades of hands-on experience in the engineering and manufacturing industries.
  • The industry awareness to help you recruit at all levels. We can help you find your next valued employee, whether it be a wire technician who builds control panels, a maintenance engineer with the skill and dedication to keep your machinery in tip-top condition, an engineer who designs industrial automation systems or an industrial sales professional working to increase your market share.
  • The recruiting background to help businesses hire for positions where operations technology and IT converge.

We recruit people in engineering and industrial manufacturing.


At Concero, we are more than a vendor; we’re a business partner. We don’t think in terms of each placement. Instead, it’s all about the team you’re building. You will appreciate how closely we pay attention to your requests and how well we can match you to the workers you need.

We think networking is an art, and we’re experts at it. We know our candidates Yes, technology is great, but we still believe in meeting face to face.

Screen diligently
Only the best of the best get through, and that saves you valuable time. In addition to the skills you need, we are looking for the signs of reliability, a sense of ownership and a level of focus which shows you can trust a candidate with the running of your plant and equipment.

Hand-pick the candidates
We want to find the right candidate, not just send you the most candidates.

Have fun
We’re fun people. We have a lot of energy and love what we do. 

Make it happen
Every day you balance what’s important for your company with what is urgent and needs to be figured out now. We get it! And we’re here to make it happen.


Plant manager
Engineering manager
Production manager


Production engineer
Mechanical engineer
Electrical engineer
Maintenance supervisor
Maintenance manager


Maintenance technician
Electrical technician
Wire technician
Service technician

“We put all our focus on getting good candidates, meeting with them as frequently and early as possible. Ultimately, that’s how we add the most value to our clients.”

Jay Murchison

President, Concero Industrial Group


We don’t have to tell you how time consuming it is to filter through resumes. Outsourcing this is one laborious task is one of the smartest things you can do.


The feedback from our clients is that they appreciate how closely we pay attention to their requests, as we are evaluating candidates.


It’s nice to build rapport with someone. We know you don’t do business with a company, you work with people. And we want to get to know you.


We’ve been in this business for a long time. There’s a lot of layers to people, and our experience gives us an advantage when interacting with them.

Our senior client relationship executives will be dedicated to growing your team, not just sending over volumes of resumes. We understand the nuances of the industry and how to communicate with potential candidates because of our knowledge of engineering and manufacturing.